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M.L. Campbell

All  Seasons Paint is located in Woodland and Davis, and is the Yolo County distributor for M.L. Campbell Stains, sealers and finishes. M.L. Campbell is a leading United States based manufacturer in the wood finish industry, offering a full line of wood finishes products and sealers. All Seasons Paint carries a full line of M.L. Campbell products and has an extensive display of stain finishes, sealers, pigmented top coats, primers and miscellaneous products, to meet all of your wood finishing needs, including (but not limited to):  additives, reducers, touch-up products, retarders and catalysts.

In addition, All Seasons Paint has the ability to provide quick turn-around stain matching utilizing M.L. Campbell’s unique Color Tint System. All Seasons Paints color consultants are extensively-trained distributor color match specialists and our color match computers allows for precise color matching that can be easily duplicated with accuracy.


Our All Seasons Paint color consultants look forward to working with you, using our large inventory of M.L. Campbell products, to provide you with the stain colors of your choice and a finish that will make your project appear professional in every respect.

Come in to either our Woodland or Davis stores today, or visit M.L. Campbell for more information.

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